The US-China trade war escalating with PU chemicals to attract US import tariffs

Urethanes technology reported on the 13th July, that the US-China trade war is escalating, with products used in polyurethane among many more items set to attract US import tariffs.

The Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) is now proposing to charge an extra 10% duty on a further list of products with an annual trade value of about $200 bn. These products are covered by more than 6000 tariff headings in the US goods listing system.

The initial tariffs were aimed at trade worth $50 bn/year. They were designed to raise ‘concerns with China’s acts, policies, and practices involving technology transfer, intellectual property, and innovation’, USTR claimed.

The long list of new tariff headings includes chemicals relevant to the polyurethane industry. These include TDI, MDI, a number of other isocyanates, and blowing agents.

USTR has asked for comment on its additional list by the end of July, with a public hearing scheduled for August 2018.